Without These 5 Staff Positions, Your Church Plant Will Probably Fail

by | Jan 6, 2012 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

5 positions? I know, you can’t even afford 1, right? Well, that is part of the issue to begin with. I am not sure if I have ever met a church plant that was taking off well that didn’t have strong leadership in these 5 positions…so make it happen in Jesus name!

1. Lead Pastor

[Duh Right?] No…you have to have a point leader! Leadership as a team…a great dream, but hard to achieve. Organic? Good luck. Jesus had disciples, and you should mentor others as well. [Follow me as I follow Christ! 1 Cor. 11.1]

2. Worship Arts Director

Not just cool, edgy song leader, but someone who can provide leadership and build teams at every level. Web, stage design, media and graphic design. Skimp here and your church will not get far.

3. Children’s Director

A killer children’s director is a MUST unless you are planting in The Villages in Florida. Again, delegate this to your wife who doesn’t want to do it, and you will falter. And yes, a Youth Pastor can wait!

4. Connections/Assimilation Leader

Greeters, parking lots, cafe, etc. is what I label connections, and follow-up from first-timer through them accepting Christ and becoming discipled is key in assimilation. Many times assimilation is shared with #1 and #5 in this list or this is 2 separate roles.

5. Office Administration/Lead Pastor Assistant

This is such a key role that again, your wife does NOT want to fill. There are many people [stay at home Mom’s with some free time make great fits here] who will serve the mission and if they don’t do this for free, will do this for a small stipend and grow into the position.

What would you add or subtract from this list? I would never start a church or a campus without these roles [also I usually split out #4]. Not a chance!

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