Thirty Reasons Church Leaders Need a Coach

I often say that every church leader needs a coach. Below are thirty reasons the participants of Gospel Coach Training have shared:

Coaching helps to remind a leader of the Gospel
Coaching exposes a leader’s blind spots
All leaders are capable of succumbing to sin’s deception
Leaders are models for faithful obedience
Coaching is preventative maintenance for a leader
The stakes for a church leader are high
Coaching models biblical community
Coaching provides a prayer partner for the leader
Leaders can be prideful
Leaders are often lonely
Coaching is a practical means for a leader to pay careful attention to self
Coaching brings encouragement to the leader
Coaching can protect the flock from a leader’s mistakes and bad decisions
Coaching improves a leader’s perspective and objectivity
Coaching facilitates the leader’s growth and equipping
Coaching sharpens a leader’s calling
Leaders lead where they have walked themselves
Coaching is a means for intentional accountability and submission
Coaching helps a leader identify and fight arrogance
Ministry is a difficult and complicated task
Leaders in a coaching relationship model discipleship
Shepherds need shepherded
Coaching sharpens a leader’s skills and abilities
Coaching provides a safe sounding board
Coaching is fun
Coaching encourages friendship
Coaching provides affirmation for a leader’s decisions
Coaching enables personal sanctification
Coaching protects family and marital health
Coaching is a means to obtain advice from a fellow leader