Steve Pike

Steve’s passion for planting began in 1989 when Steve and his wife Cherri, along with their two children, answered God’s call to plant a church in Utah. During the 90’s they were privileged to see the church grow to a family of over 400 attendees that helped to plant five additional churches in Utah.

In January 2006, Steve was selected to lead Assemblies of God church planting efforts in the United States and currently serves as National Director for the Church Multiplication Network (CMN). CMN collaborates with church multipliers to effectively equip, strategically fund and innovatively network new faith communities in America. Since 2006 the Assemblies of God has invested over $4 million directly into local church plants and has planted over 1500 churches across the United States.

Church Multiplication Network (CMN)

Church Multiplication Network collaborates with church multipliers to effectively equip, strategically fund and innovatively network new faith communities.

CMN Bootcamps

CMN BootCamp is a four-day process that provides strategic planning to prepare people to start new churches.

Steve Pike Posts
  • Long Obedience in the Same Direction

    Eugene Peterson wrote the book and coined the phrase, “Long Obedience in the Same Direction,”... Read more

  • Unsung Heroes

    When my wife and I planted our first church, we went alone. We didn’t know any better. We thought... Read more

  • Church Planting Numbers That Matter

    In recent years, many church planters have been inspired by the stories of new church plants... Read more

    Growth that Hijacks God’s Unique Purpose for Your Church is not Good Growth.

    At the beginning of our church planting journey, I wish I knew that all growth is not good growth.... Read more

  • Top Six Things Every Church Planter Must Know

    1. How to pray. Starting a new church is a miracle, and only God can work miracles.  If you start... Read more

  • Of Spiders and Starfish

    The book, Spider and the Starfish, begins with the story of Cortez and his conquest of the Aztecs.... Read more

  • How Do You Define Discipleship?

    One day when I was helping my wife in the nursery at church, I observed a fascinating interaction... Read more

  • The Why Question

    Why? The most important question for a church planter to answer is “Why?” Too often, planters... Read more

  • The Rest of the Story

    In 1990, our family started the process of planting a church in Utah. Over the next 10 years, we... Read more

  • mission
    It’s The Mission, Stupid

    When Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992, James Carville gave him a catch phrase to keep him on... Read more

  • When Should I Launch?

    Church planting is a spiritual endeavor from first to last. Systems and methodologies are helpful,... Read more

  • What Did You Expect?

    My taste buds expected to feel the cold, tasty coco rush of rich chocolate ice cream. Instead, they... Read more

  • The Danger of False Negatives

    When groups of churches (i.e. denominations, networks, etc.) attempt to understand their collective... Read more

  • Church Planting Make Believe

    At the risk of sounding like an old geezer who is ticked off about modern life, I have a thought... Read more

  • Calculating Missional Impact

    A friend of mine who pastors a church of 120 in a town of 1,000 told me about a strange encounter... Read more

  • Preparing For A Daughter Church

    Top ten things your church can do to prepare to parent or partner to plant a... Read more

  • Obstacles That Lead To Success

    No matter where or how a church is being planted, obstacles are part of the story. Obstacles come... Read more

  • Don’t Launch On Easter!

    Christmas is only a day away, but for aspiring church planters preparing to launch, it’s time to... Read more

  • Stop Building the Church

    These days it seems every network or denomination is either starting a new church or telling us how... Read more

  • Sinning and Church Planting

    In recent months I’ve received way too many phone calls that go something like this: “I’m... Read more

  • Essential Tools For Church Planting

    I planted a church back in the relative dark ages of church planting when very few formal resources... Read more

  • Church Planting in the American Stew

    A recent article in the Washington Post indicated that, based on the results of the 2010 census,... Read more

  • Will Every Church Eventually Die?

    Must every church eventually die? It’s a mostly unspoken reality we all live with. Every person... Read more

  • Are You Asking the Wrong Question?

    As long as I’ve been aware, the gold standard for measuring how a church is doing is “How many... Read more

  • Who Will Go To Scranton?

    At least once a week I receive a call from an aspiring planter that includes a some variation of... Read more

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