Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas created the Gospel Coach Training and Certification system and has coached hundreds of pastors.

He served as President of Acts 29 for six years and as Church Planting Director of C2C Network. He has served as a pastor since 1982, including 17 years as a Lead Pastor. He is the co-author of Gospel Coach and has trained over 6,000 church leaders in this system. Scott has an MA in Missional Leadership. He and Jeannie have been married 37 years and have two awesome sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and two amazing grandkids all living in Nashville

Scott has been a regular lecturer for Resurgence Training Center in Seattle and a conference speaker in the US as well as a consultant for both Western European church planting and Canadian church planting. Scott wrote Theological Clarity and Application (Zondervan, 2010) and has written blogs for Acts 29 Network, The Resurgence, Mars Hill Church and

Scott Thomas Posts
  • Twenty Questions for Potential Church Planters

    Every person that considers church planting asks the question, Am I a Church Planter? It is the... Read more

  • Brevity of Sermons

    Note: This post was originally written several years ago but is still relevant today and something... Read more

  • Crash Course In Leadership

    Church planting pastors usually experience a painful crash course in leadership. Very few... Read more

  • Strengthened by Grace

    Spiritual and church leadership is tough for even the best of leaders. Behind closed doors, every... Read more

  • Hey, You’re a Pastor’s Kid – Why Aren’t You Crazy?

    According to several sources (Pike, 2009, Calvin, 2008, Montgomery, 2006, et al) eighty percent of... Read more

  • The Pastor’s Wife Is Simply a Wife

    I had a hard time finding in Scripture where it explains the role of a pastor’s wife. I dragged... Read more

  • Why Church Planting?

    The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for 1)... Read more

  • The Gospel and Sex

    The General Social Survey tracks social behaviors among Americans since 1972. Fifteen to twenty... Read more

  • 4 Tips To Manage Your PK Well

    I surveyed over 20 pastor’s kids (PK’s) for another author. The responses of these adult PK’s... Read more

  • Seven Possible Solutions to the Troubled Souls of Pastors

    Pastors and church planters are often overwhelmed with ministry. I spoke to the widow of a pastor... Read more

  • Five Reasons for Church Planting

    “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches,”... Read more

  • Three Practical Ways to Increase Giving in Your Church

    “It’s only a money issue.” Those were the wise words spoken by Ron, a 50-something elder... Read more

  • church on a mission
    10 Characteristics of a Church on Mission

    The Tension to Be on Mission The church in every generation is called to bring the good news of the... Read more

  • Stop Managing Your Church Plant and Start Investing Your Church Plant

    Stewardship is often defined as “the proper management of our daily life for the glory of... Read more

  • Seventeen Characteristics of a Qualified Church Planter

    I fly on airplanes a lot. The most difficult thing about flying is not the small seat with little... Read more

  • Does ‘Husband of One Wife’ Apply to Pornography?

    University of Montreal scientists wanted to conduct a study on the effects of pornography. The... Read more

  • Seven Principles of Communication

    Communication is one of the most important keys of starting and leading a church. I have learned... Read more

  • Pick the Right Fight: For Each Other, Not Against Each Other

    We face a problem in the church. We’re often too busy fighting with each other and we’re... Read more

  • Brevity of Sermons

    Church planters generally have a lot of vision, passion, drive and urgency to communicate the Good... Read more

  • Practicing Gospel Community in Your Family

    The most common metaphor for Christian community is “family” and “household” (Rom. 12:10;... Read more

  • What Can We Learn As Pastors From The Penn State Scandal?

    After 46 years, Penn State football’s head coach Joe Paterno was suddenly fired. The once great... Read more

  • Leadership Requires Strength by Grace

    Spiritual and church leadership is tough for even the best of leaders. Behind closed doors, every... Read more

  • Church Planting is Hard Work

    In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember... Read more

  • Five Tips To Handling Angry People

    Church planters, as I have observed and personally experienced, live in a constant state of being... Read more

  • Thirty Reasons Church Leaders Need a Coach

    I often say that every church leader needs a coach. Below are thirty reasons the participants of... Read more

  • Brothers on Mission Together

    In Christ, we have a familial identity. We are not fatherless children seeking hopelessly for our... Read more

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