Phil Spry

Phil graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where his major was evangelism. He and his wife, Toni have planted eight new churches. Collective morning attendance is about 7,000 people. Today the Sprys make their home in eastern North Carolina where Phil pastors another new church. Additionally, Phil is involved in CP consulting, coaching, and conference speaking that specializes in all aspects of new church ministry, with a special emphasis on outreach and marketing. With his Tellstart program Phil has partnered with 900 church plants in 48 U.S. States and Canada.

Phil Spry Posts
  • When Tragedy Strikes

    About 300,000 people die every day in the world.  About 7,000 in the US.  That’s about 290 per... Read more

  • Focus On The Main Thing

    When Toni and I were newly married (1965) we bought our first car for $115. It was a 1959 Ford... Read more

  • The Seven Deadly Days

    So you’re on the launch pad… Pre-Easter is the most popular time of the year to launch... Read more

  • By Grace Alone…

    Nearly everyone is looking for the magic bullet that will propel their ministry into visible... Read more

  • Go for the Geezers!

    Donald Rumsfeld has written a book called Rumsfeld’s Rules.  In it he notes that the most... Read more

  • The Type Of Person Not Right For Your Church Plant

    We fishers of men are the only fishermen who don’t throw any back.  At least not normally… ... Read more

  • Have Christians In America Lost Their Way?

    “I believe it is a fact generally admitted that there is much less conscience manifested, by men... Read more

  • In Light of the New Catholic Pope

    I belong to the third largest denomination in America – former Roman Catholics.  We RCs are hard... Read more

  • The Deadliest Day…

    A while back I shared with you the seven most poorly attended Sundays of the year.  If you’ve... Read more

  • logistics
    Fighting The Smart Fight

    There was a time when an army setting off to war had to have complex lines of supply to refurbish... Read more

  • Holy Ground

    Many Shia Muslims have an interesting habit regarding prayer.  They believe some locations to be... Read more

  • A Strategy For Priority…

    In 1980 I was a senior at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and took my winter break to travel... Read more

  • Modesty Matters

    For years, we have dealt with this problem in our church plants. It's always difficult for a male... Read more

  • Surviving Tough Decisions

    In the middle 1800s Samuel Plimsoll was known as the friend of sailors.  He was responsible for... Read more

  • Does It Get Any Better Than Free?

    One common denominator in each of our eight church plants has been the age of the people who came.... Read more

  • Taking The Hard Road…

    We church planters are an opportunistic lot…  So much so that many growing communities are... Read more

  • The Cart Before the Horse…

    Mark Wilson has written a compelling book entitled, “Filled Up, Poured Out: How God’s... Read more

  • How Did We Get Here?

    After seven cancer surgeries and two heart attacks – I’m an old man who has nothing to lose... Read more

  • The Church Planter’s Post Easter Blues…

    Pre Easter is the most popular time of the year to launch a new church.  I’m not sure why... Read more

  • Dummy Domains For Smart Churches

    If your church website’s domain name is,,... Read more

  • The Church Planting Super Site Is Here!

    A new tool is now available to church planters.  Go to and see for... Read more

  • Without Vision The People Perish

    African gazelles can jump over a ten foot fence, but they can be contained at a zoo behind a six... Read more

  • Are You A Failure?

    Fifty years ago the Mattel Toy Co. introduced the Barbie Doll for young girls.  Wikipedia notes.... Read more

  • The Elephant In The Living Room

    In the early 1900s one of my Dad’s relatives was the governor of Utah, so our family has... Read more

  • Explaining Giving To New Attendees…

    Tithing and sacrificial giving were the last strongholds to come down in my life as a new... Read more

  • The Tale of the Walnut Farmer

    A church planter may be likened to a walnut farmer.  At harvest time, he backs a tractor up to the... Read more

  • How To Draw A Crowd

    Well, a public hanging might do it.  Or you could hand out money.  Or you could arrange an... Read more

  • How To Choose The Right Leadership Team For Your Church Plant

    “…appoint elders…” – Titus 1:5 The mistake I have most consistently repeated in... Read more

  • The Critical Element Of Church Growth

    When I started planting in 1974 there was not much help to be had.  In fact there was hostility to... Read more

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