Marcus Bigelow

Marcus Bigelow loves church planters. He planted a church in 1984 and since then has helped over 230 planters in their plants. His passion is to provide the best possible care for church planting couples and to nurture and empower the next generation of church multiplication leaders.

Together: Networks and Church Planting

A survey and how to manual for church planting networks, coming soon.

Marcus Bigelow Posts
  • How To Keep Pressing Forward

    A friend and I were talking about the value of encouragement, and he said, “Hey, let me tell you... Read more

  • What Do You Do When Your Truck (Or Church Plant) Crashes?

    Six years ago, my accountability partner came to Bible Study and asked for prayer.  Ken is CEO of... Read more

  • Recurring Sin or Bad Habits That Keeps Us Stuck

    Every day for weeks, this goat (I’d say, “Stupid Goat” but I’d get in trouble with my... Read more

  • Finding a Mentor

    I met with my mentor yesterday.  Bryce Jessup, President Emeritus of William Jessup University,... Read more

  • Four Ways We Can Lead Ourselves

    1) Lead yourself in the ways of God. As one recent church planting leader said, “If I don’t... Read more

  • Are You Running On Empty?

    Having observed hundreds of church planters and other Christian leaders, I know that many, if not... Read more

  • 3 Yards And A Cloud Of Dust

    Woody Hayes is credited with this description of Ohio State football.  It really came from a... Read more

  • Even Guzzardo’s takes Visa

    I will never forget taking a potential church planting couple to a recruiting dinner in a small... Read more

  • Questions Church Planters In Nigeria Ask

    I have been teaching a class on vision casting in a graduate school.  One of my students ministers... Read more

  • Rollerblading Through Ministry

    Every leader I know wrestles with the balance between work and family.  Every Christian leader I... Read more

  • Lessons From An Electric Fence

    I grew up with electric fences and have recently put one in to allow our goats a larger grazing... Read more

  • Measuring Community Influence

    Last month I blogged (all right, I whined) about how we don’t measure the right things.  I’ve... Read more

  • Is Your Church Plant Making A Difference?

    Douglas Hubbard has written How to Measure Anything, Finding the Values of Intangibles in Business.... Read more

  • Find a Mentor

    I met with my mentor yesterday.  Bryce Jessup, President Emeritus of William Jessup University,... Read more

  • The Most Important Person To Lead Is Yourself

    Having been in church planting for 28 years I have not only shot myself in the foot numerous times,... Read more

  • When Your Passion Is Gone

    On my way home from church last week, I said to my wife,  “For the first time in over 25 years,... Read more

  • Four Helpful Questions For Church Planters

    For the past two years I have been using a very helpful tool that was developed by Tom Patterson... Read more

  • Together We Will!

    Together we will! It’s Stadia’s theme this year.  It reflects a core value of collaboration,... Read more

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