Linda Bergquist

Linda Bergquist has been planting churches for 30 years, working first as a planter then as a mentor, teacher and urban strategist. She also teaches as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA. Linda lives in San Francisco with her husband, Eric.

Along with her friend Allan Karr, she co-authored Church Turned Inside Out: A Guide for Designers, Refiners and Re-Aligners.

Bay Area Church Planting

Our prayer and our vision is that the Bay Area be so vibrantly transformed by a indigenous expression of life in Christ that it becomes a major global exporter of the Christian faith among all peoples, extending even to future generations.

Church Turned Inside Out: A Guide for Designers, Refiners and Re-Aligners

A design book for both new and existing churches to help them innovate their way into the future

Linda Bergquist Posts
  • How About We Listen & Serve

    Recently I have been helping a young church planter who is in the process of starting a Mandarin... Read more

  • The Wholehearted Church Planter

    Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is recalled as one of history’s most devoted followers of... Read more

  • Planting Churches Out of the Whole Character of God

    The Missional Church movement, in which I really believe, emphasizes that starting churches (and... Read more

  • New Church Baby Showers

    Just like human babies need all kinds of things to give them a good start in life, new baby... Read more

  • How To Decide Where To Plant Churches

    While this post may be useful for individual church planters, it is really intended for either... Read more

  • Bring on the Green

    Thinking about green everything today, thanks to Saint Patrick’s Day, and decided to write about... Read more

  • Considering Core Values

    The core values of a new church help form the foundation of who and what the church is about. They... Read more

  • resources
    A Few Good Resources for Global-Local Church Planting

    Two recent books have been particularly useful to me as one who cares about engaging local church... Read more

  • The Art & Spirit of Church Planter Assessments

    O.K. I confess. I am an obsessive assessor. Almost as soon as I meet people I pop the questions,... Read more

  • What You Don’t Need to Know to Start a Church

    My first church planting experience was 32 years ago on an Apache reservation in Arizona. I was a... Read more

  • Thoughts On The Multisite Church Movement From A Church Planting Strategist

    A new article released by Leadership Network claims that there are now over 5,000 multisite... Read more

  • Church Planting from a Female Perspective

    Church planting has been in my bones for over thirty years, but I have been female for twice that... Read more

  • Church Planting Movements: Structural Implications

    Only God can cause a church planting movement, but having wholly affirmed this, let’s acknowledge... Read more

  • Church Planting and the Art of Remembering

    A large percentage of church planters are newcomers to the places where they start churches. They... Read more

  • Who Are They? Advice from a Demographic Geek

    I am self-professed demographic geek. By seventh grade I was already analyzing and interpreting... Read more

  • Church Planting: Systems Thinking

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, leaders with whom I connect are working together to frame a more... Read more

  • Church Starting And The Parting of Ways

    Abraham the faithful lived during an exceptionally transitional era of human history. It was a time... Read more

  • Celebrating Incarnation: The Church Planter as Artist

    The holy day we celebrate this month is about the Son who submitted himself to incarnation,... Read more

  • For the Least (Reached) of These

    The church world “is often motivated by a culture of success. We recruit, fund, celebrate,... Read more

  • Out of the Algorithm, Into the Mystery!

    There are two great tasks for the Church in North America today. First, we must do everything we... Read more

  • QR Codes and Some Ways to Use Them in Church Planting

    A QR code (which stands for quick response) is a two dimensional bar code that looks like a black... Read more

  • Church Planting and the Urbanization of the Rich

    For many years I have prayed for new churches to be started in the city of San Francisco where I... Read more

  • If At First You Don’t Succeed…

    When I moved to San Francisco, I brought with me 15 years of experience, a lot of enthusiasm, and... Read more

  • Power, Authority and Influence in the New Church

    Today is my decadal birthday and I plan to celebrate every wrinkle. In some cultures, age is a... Read more

  • Church Planting Among Asian-Americans

    It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Helen Lee wrote about church planting... Read more

  • Untraditional Church Plant Settings

    I teach church planting at a prison. Some men are serving life sentences, and others are... Read more

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