Jim Sheppard

Jim Sheppard is CEO and principal of Generis, a consulting firm committed to accelerating generosity toward God-inspired vision. He is an avid student of generosity and is passionate about spreading it throughout the church. For over 18 years (starting in September 1992), he has devoted his life to the passion of helping church people become more generous.

Jim is a frequent writer on generosity and ministry funding. His articles have been featured in NACBA Ledger, Your Church, Church Business, Church Solutions, Worship Facilities and BuildingForMinistry.com.

He is also an inspirational speaker and he has spoken at a number of national church related conferences including WFX (Worship Facilities), National Association of Church Business Administrators, Christian Leadership Alliance and National Association of United Methodist Foundations. Jim is active in sharing his thoughts about generosity through Twitter and his blog: www.jimsheppard.net.

In his previous career, Jim was a CPA and Chief Financial Officer for a major division of a NYSE financial services firm. Based on his business experience and his 17+ years of experience in his current field, he brings a wealth of knowledge to Generis as CEO & Principal, advising clients in matters of church growth, strategic planning and financial administration. He understands the financial challenges that churches face today—annual giving, debt, capital projects and planned giving—and is a positive force in bridging these global needs with the power of spiritually motivated stewardship.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia and is a member of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals (formerly the National Society of Fund Raising Executives) and the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA).

Jim and his wife Nancy have two daughters, Anna and Emily, and live in Atlanta. He is actively involved in his church where he serves as an officer and provides leadership to the Generosity Ministry Team.

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