Jeff Hoglen

Jeff Hoglen started pastoring in 2000 and was initially involved in youth and children’s ministry. He later entered the world of church planting and has planted or assisted in starting churches in the USA, Africa and Asia.

He also provides oversight to churches in NC, SC through an organization that he and his wife Tonya started called Open Arms International Ministries. Over the past 5 years, Jeff has  teamed with his spiritual fathers to serve as apostolic oversight for DOVE International Philippines which consists of over 29 churches. (DOVE International is a global family of churches and ministries on six continents.)

Jeff Hoglen has authored various seminars and books such as: "Obeying the Call" Devotional & Missions Journal, "Here Am I - A Call to Biblical Missions", “As You Go – Missions as a Lifestyle” and his latest book for discipleship called "I Believe - Basics of the Christian Faith".

Jeff Hoglen is a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Jeff loves coaching Ministry Startups as well as fledgling entrepreneurs and offers various types of ministry and entrepreneurial coaching.

Jeff is now serving as the CEO/managing editor for the blog site - He is also a contributing blogger.

Jeff is married to Tonya Hoglen, the founder of G.I.F.T. (Girlfriends in Faith Together) a women's ministry based in central North Carolina. They have three grown children, one grandson, and quite a few spiritual sons, daughters, and grandchildren.

Here is a link to Tonya's ministry site:

Jeff Hoglen Posts
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