Hugh Halter

Hugh was the national director of Missio, a ministry team committed to training, developing, and apprenticing Incarnational leaders for the church. Within Missio, Hugh co-directs the MCAP, an online collaborative training environment for Incarnational leaders, pastors, and church planters.  Hugh was also the lead architect of Adullum, a local movement of missional communities in Denver, CO. Hugh is co-author of The Tangible Kingdom, and the accompanying Tangible Kingdom Primer, as well as AND: The Gathered & Scattered Church, which was released at Exponential 2010.  Hugh is an advocate for disoriented God-seekers and loves to inspire and re-orient leaders around the mission of God.

Hugh speaks extensively both nationally and internationally. He is willing to consider any request but prioritizes opportunities for those who want to create a movement of business, social impact, or untraditional church ventures.

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