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Doug Murren is devoted to helping churches gain greater skill in evangelizing our world. Doug is known as an innovator and inventor of concepts for contemporary church life for over twenty years.

Doug is the author of 14 books covering a wide variety of genres. He is a much in demand consultant in the area of contemporary outreach, church planting, worship and innovations in church life. He is on-call with several denominations at all times.

He has assisted in the start of 87 churches over 30 years. Doug lead the eighth fastest-growing church in the country (for a period of six years) for twenty years and saw 17,000 conversions through the church’s ministry in that time period. The congregation was begun in his living room with ten people and grew to an aggregate adherence of approximately 8000 with a Sunday attendance of 4800 people. The church, Eastside Foursquare Church, is still thriving in Kirkland WA six years after his call from pastoral leadership to evangelism and consultation.

Doug has been a guest lecturer at Fuller Theological Seminary, the Beeson Institute at Asbury Seminary, Asbury Seminary, Regents College, and the Leland Center (D.C.) and many other Universities. And he has produced a myriad of products for spiritual growth and church leadership. He produces a periodic e-mail newsletter that is read by thousands. He is the author of dozens of choruses sung by congregations. He is the author of several original outreach musicals.

Doug’s ministry has taken him to the former Soviet Union, UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the former Yugoslavia, Israel, Haiti, Australia, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.

Doug is the featured speaker in conferences and seminars all over the world each year. Square One’s aim is to assist in training 30,000 churches in greater evangelism over the next 15 years. He has trained over 230,000 leaders in evangelism over the last seven years. Doug’s speaking style is noted to be warm, humorous, apologetically effective, and very practical.

He is presently a consultant in church planting in Washington DC, and with several denominational groups. Doug also functions as a coach to dozens of congregations in the area of practical levels of church development and outreach. He is noted for offering practical problem-solving ideas to the churches he coaches.

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