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Dave Workman serves as president of Partnership Advisors. He is the author of The Outward-Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Serve-Me World (Baker Books) and the upcoming Elemental Leader: Four Essentials Every Leader Needs…And Every Organization Must Have. Dave served on the leadership team of Vineyard Cincinnati megachurch since 1986 and as senior pastor for thirteen years, spearheading initiatives such as the groundbreaking Healing Center—a multimillion-dollar facility offering forty different services to meet the needs of thousands of resource-challenged people in Greater Cincinnati—and the H20 Nigeria Project that has drilled over one hundred water wells. Dave regularly speaks on leadership development and building outward-focused churches both nationally and internationally. He and his wife Anita have been happily married since 1978 and have two married daughters who are both involved in ministry.

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Dave Workman Posts
  • Are You A “Quadrant Dweller”?

    Many years ago a fellow pastor introduced me to a graphic that was helpful for a wider view of the... Read more

  • The Incarnational Leader

    Sometime back I got an email from a church describing their discipleship pathway. They were... Read more

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    In the early days of our church, founding pastor Steve Sjogren coined a simple phrase for people to... Read more

  • Survival Mode?

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  • Are You More Important Than You Think?

    “No one in my master’s house is more important than I am.” ~Joseph (Genesis 39:9a CEV).... Read more

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    How long has it been since the people in your church, ministry, or organization were challenged... Read more

  • Where the Revolution Begins

    Ernest Gordon was a Christian, author, and former dean of Princeton Seminary who died a couple of... Read more

  • So What Does A Coach Do? Depends.

    In my years of coaching pastors, I’ve found that the conversation will inevitably drift into one... Read more

  • Why Is Change So Dang Hard?

    Sociologists have noted the unprecedented “acceleration of change” happening in our world.... Read more

  • Leading Through Personal Difficulty

    David’s army had just won a military victory over a coup led by his own son Absalom, killed in... Read more

  • The Worship Challenge

    Here’s a question I’ve wondered about: in heaven, would I feel any of the restrained feelings I... Read more

  • Spiritual Vitality…and Age

    Years ago we identified 4 critical elements all healthy churches practiced, regardless of size or... Read more

  • To Creed or Not To Creed

    Often in churches like the one I pastored years ago, we turned the mainstream view of “believe,... Read more

  • The Big Issue in Your Church

    Before we begin, a quick reality check: all pastors struggle with leadership challenges.   In a... Read more

  • A Self-Leadership Surprise

    “Virtually everything our modern culture believes about the type of leadership required to... Read more

  • The (Not-So) Secret Weapon of the Church

    For some unknown reason, I recently stumbled across a 60-year old interview with Ayn Rand by Mike... Read more

  • E = mc2 …Spiritually Speaking

    At one point at the church where I pastored, we were doing seven identical services every weekend.... Read more

  • The Outward-Focused Problem

    I recently spoke at a friend’s church and mentioned that I believe Jesus teaches that we become... Read more

  • Leading Out of the Status Quo

    If a definition of leadership is basically moving others toward a goal—moving a group of people... Read more

  • Incarnational Leadership

    The true Church has never desired to have control because their kingdom is not of this world. One... Read more

  • Leadership & the Will of God

    As spiritual leaders, all of us want to have a sense that we’re operating in the will of God.... Read more

  • The Black Box Church

    Thirty years ago, the church I was a part of began using video. A lot. Our numbers had exploded. We... Read more

  • 2 Critical Leadership Skills in a Crisis

    In the book Elemental Leaders, we identify 4 critical elements every effective leader must... Read more

  • The Success in Succession

    Are You Future-Thinking? There’s been a lot written about senior pastors’ transition and... Read more

  • Vibe. Yep, It’s Vital.

    How aware are you of your church’s vibe? And if we do this in the context of a community of... Read more

  • Top 5 Things Pastors Should Stop Pretending To Be

    Were You Really Called To Be These 5 Things? Okay, I’ll admit this is very opinionated. But... Read more

  • Are You An Elemental Leader?

    Like most people on the planet, I’ve had some good bosses and some not-so-good bosses. And... Read more

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