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Chuck Ridley is professor of counseling psychology at Texas A & M University. Previously, he has taught at Indiana University and the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. A licensed psychologist and Fellow of the American Psychological Association, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He has consulted with a variety of organizations conducting jobs analyses, managerial and executive assessments, assessment centers, outplacement counseling, executive coaching and counseling, and training and development.

Dr. Ridley is an avowed scientist-practitioner, one who applies sound social science principles to individual and organizational functioning. He also is deeply committed to the integration of psychology and theology. As a faculty member at Fuller Seminary, he developed the Church Planter Profile. As a researcher, he has published many articles, chapters, monographs, and books. His book, Overcoming Unintentional Racism in Counseling and Therapy (Sage), was the recipient of the Gus Meyers Center Award for Human Rights.

Chuck lives in College Station, Texas with his wife, Mary, who also is a professor at Texas A & M University.

Confronting Dysfunction

Few organizations are as health as they should be, exacting a high cost and forcing leaders to confront dysfunction. Purchase this book at

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Few obstacles present more of a challenge to leaders than resistance to change.

The Elements of Mentoring

A wide range of tools are provided for professionals who wish to be thoughtful and skillful mentors to their proteges in our rapidly changing world of work.
Charles Ridley Posts
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