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Charles Hill and his wife, Tiffany, planted their first church in 2002 in a small Ohio farm town of 2,800 people. On launch day, an overwhelming group of people showed up to New Hope Community Church. Several years later, New Hope grew to 1,200+ in attendance launching 3 regional multi-site campuses and one international campus in southeast Asia.

Charles turned over the leadership of New Hope in 2009, and along with an amazing team, decided to follow a radical call to do it all over again and plant a church in Utah — the fastest-growing and most unchurched state in the country. There are 25+ cities just in their backyard in Utah [there are many more outside of their immediate area] without 1 non-LDS church in them!

One Community Church launched on January 30, 2011 in the South Jordan/Herriman, UT areas [larger, growing areas] that reaches out to a population that is the youngest demographic in the country and also 80-90% LDS [Mormon].

Feeling the call to plant yet again, Charles and his family recently turned this young and growing church plant over to the co-pastor who helped launch OCC and are planting yet again...this time back in Ohio of all places! Their passion for planting continues to dominate their hearts, mind and souls to see the kingdom expanded in places most people do not want to go.

Charles is also the creator/founder of a national gathering and coaching network called THE STICKS. Their desire is to equip, encourage, inspire and network those leaders to become a force in smaller cities/hard to reach places and the out of the way locations that God has called them. His passion is developing leaders who dare to go where no one else wants to go.

In his off time he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, training for marathons, triathlons, skiing, watching movies and somehow finding the courage to cheer on his beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Charles is bald, but he is also as intense as that last piece of hair he made stand up for years before making the bold move to shave that bad boy off.

Twitter: @chazzdaddy

The "Sticks" - Leading BIG in the small

Gatherings for Pastors and leaders from smaller cities

Multi-Site on a Budget Consultations

Charles works with Jim Tomberlin [the Multi-Site guy] doing consultations, training for churches looking to multi-site on a budget.

Developing a Leadership Pipeline Training

The #1 thing missing in most churches is true Leadership Development and a strategy to implement a pipeline of leadership...Contact Charles to book this training.
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