Bob Logan

Dr. Bob Logan has worked in full-time ministry for over thirty years as a church planter, pastor, missions leader, consultant, and ministry coach.

He is internationally recognized as an authority in church planting, church growth and leadership development.

Bob's current areas of focus are coaching, speaking, and developing leaders in missional, incarnational contexts.

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Bob Logan Posts
  • Multiplying Movements

    As you coach and develop more leaders, your ministry organization grows. This reality often creates... Read more

  • Nonlinear Discipleship

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we approach discipleship in the church. What discipleship... Read more

  • Discipling People In Recovery

    For over a year, I volunteered every Tuesday night in a local transition home for people in... Read more

  • Developing Leadership In Your Church Plant

    If you expect your church plant to grow beyond your own personal capacity to lead others, you... Read more

  • Bivocational Ministry: Option or Necessity?

    The following post was originally written in 2011 but still remains relevant for church planters... Read more

  • Five Questions Every Church Planter Should Be Asked

    When I was in the early stages of pondering the church plant I’m currently working in, my coach... Read more

  • How Can You Help Your People Form Missional Communities?

    As people come to know Jesus we form them into communities of Jesus-followers—called churches in... Read more

  • How Can You Help Your People Engage Culture?

    One of the major challenges of leading a church is kicking your people out of it. If they are... Read more

  • New Online Coaching Log For Church Planters

    Do you want to double or even triple your coaching effectiveness?  Here’s an important concept... Read more

  • The Missional Journey

    There are plenty of books about discipleship or about Christian living. There are plenty of books... Read more

  • Prepare, Engage, Act

    I’ve coached people—including church planters—for pretty much forever now. When all is said... Read more

  • The Two Essential Ingredients Of A Children’s Ministry

    An effective children’s ministry– whatever form that may take– is really important for most... Read more

  • barn raising
    3 Things Barn Raising Teaches Us About Doing Ministry

    Barn raising commonly took place in early rural America, when neighbors, families, and friends... Read more

  • Giving Birth And Giving Away The Bride

    Many years ago I was asked to lead a retreat with leaders of a parent church and leaders of a... Read more

  • Spiritual Transformation

    How do people change? That’s a question people have been wrestling with for ages. What... Read more

  • Authentic Relationships

    Engaging in authentic relationships means being genuine. It means accurately representing who we... Read more

  • Sacrificial Service

    One of the essential elements of a disciple– and therefore of the church as a whole– is... Read more

  • How To Focus Your Leadership Development

    The key to leadership development is knowing what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to... Read more

  • The Most Common Leadership Problem

    A colleague of mine who works as a consultant with church groups often asks people to make a list... Read more

  • Lessons Learned: 5 Principles For Church Planting

    I know there are any number of principles for church planting—I’ve made up or stumbled across... Read more

  • What Kind Of Benefits Package?

    I’ve noticed an interesting trend in church planting recently. An increasing number of sending... Read more

  • Don’t Look At The Cactus!

    I love mountain biking. It’s probably my favorite pastime. Early in my mountain biking... Read more

  • Who’s Your Barnabas?

    When I was in Mexico City recently, I attended the staff meeting at Comunidad Mosaico, a ministry... Read more

  • The Centrality of Vision

    Most of us, when we go on a trip, do a bit of thinking beforehand about what it will be like when... Read more

  • Incarnational Living – What Does That Actually Mean?

    Much has been made lately of the phrase “living incarnationally.” The basic idea is to live as... Read more

  • The Least Of These

    When we began planting our church a few years ago, we were listening in prayer for what God wants... Read more

  • Getting A Coach Who Gets It: What Makes Coaching Missional?

    To coach people effectively toward missional ministry, it’s not enough to be a good coach.  The... Read more

  • What Makes Church Planting Missional?

    In the old days of the attractional church plant, you’d try to gather a crowd and then build a... Read more

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