Bill Tenny-Brittian

Bill Tenny-Brittian does only one thing… help churches grow. From book and blog writing; video producing and magazine editing; to speaking, coaching, and consulting he spends nearly all of his waking hours working with church leaders like you to get them the resources, the strategies, the mentoring, the coaching, and the encouragement to bound over the hurdles that keep churches from reaching their potential.

Bill Tenny-Brittian Posts
  • Vision Blockades

    Recently, I received an email with a question about vision and I thought I’d share it with you.... Read more

  • More than Marketing

    From the book 101 Things You Can Do to Help Grow Your Church by Bill Tenny-Brittian   Be... Read more

  • Will You Be a Church Without Walls

    Increasingly, congregations are returning to their church buildings. Just how long that will last... Read more

  • Virtual Discipleship

    “So, what about online discipleship? How do you make that work?” A quick perusal of churches on... Read more

  • Whatever Happened to Excellence

    My brother was in the Marines … a loooong time ago. I was in the Air Force … a looooooonger... Read more

  • Want Popcorn with Your Worship?

    Prior to March 11, my wife and I went to the cinema almost every Friday. Thankfully, we mostly have... Read more

  • When Protesting Doesn’t Work

    The other day I received a note about the church’s response to the current injustices. The writer... Read more

  • A Leader People Want to Follow

    What kind of a leader are you? There are several hundred books (at least!) that will help you... Read more

  • Reality Check

    Truth be known, most church leaders don’t hit the Church Growth Panic Button until the money hits... Read more

  • Survival is Suicidal

    One guarantee: If survival is the goal of a church, then death is the inevitable outcome. Survival... Read more

  • The Three Second Rule

    It happened again. Great worship was happening and then … nothing. Silence Dead air time... Read more

  • War Ship Small Groups

    I recently had a student who designed a new small group system for her church and called them War... Read more

  • How to Hand Off Ministry

    So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to... Read more

  • Get Visitors Back

    We get asked about how to turn visitors into returning guests pretty regularly. Over the years,... Read more

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