Bill Easum

Bill Easum has had the privilege of helping over 1000 churches grow around the world, authored nineteen books, received the prestigious Donald McGavran award for outstanding church leadership, invested in a successful partnership with Bill Tenny-Brittian, and had a wife who was strong enough to hold him accountable.

These days Bill looks forward to helping grow churches through coaching and through the legacy he’s invested in at The Effective Church Group … because seeing churches grow is still his life’s passion.

Bill Easum Posts
  • From Horses to the Moon: Something to Think About

    I want you to think about the title of this blog post and ask yourself, “What has this to do with... Read more

  • A Church OF Small Groups

    Small groups are one of the most misunderstand ministries I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them... Read more

  • Not Being Nice for the Sake of the Gospel

    The following is one of Bill Easums most asked-for blog posts.  It was written two decades ago,... Read more

  • Multiplication Won’t Happen Without ___________.

    Recently, someone asked me to boil down the concept of multiplication as far as I possibly can. So... Read more

  • The Demise of Cash and Checks

    The other day I said something online about writing a check and I received guffaws from some of my... Read more

  • The Six Most Common Mistakes Pastors Make and What to do About Them

    Over the years I’ve seen pastors make the same mistakes over and over. Every time I see these... Read more

  • MULTIPLICATION – It Wont Happen Without…

    Recently, someone asked me to boil down the concept of multiplication as far as I possibly can. So... Read more

  • Killers that Stunt Your Personal and Organizational Growth

    Turn around or growth are usually the result of some action taken by the leadership. Usually its... Read more

  • Radical Discipleship

    Let me ask you a question – Do you consider every person in your congregation to be a potential... Read more

  • Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline into a Multiplication Movement

    Mainline Christianity has been in a free fall decline since the mid-1960s.  Some want to blame it... Read more

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