Artie Davis

Artie Davis is the Founding Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. Cornerstone is an International multi-site & multi-ethnic church with locations in the US & Liberia, West Africa.

Prior to launching Cornerstone, Artie was a successful entrepreneur and has a passion for coaching and multiplying leaders and writes about it almost exclusively on his blog,

He is also the founder and Director of a church planting movement called the Its passion is to partner and plant “life-giving” & “ethnically reflective” churches in smaller cities & communities. Artie is also the Executive Director of, a national gathering movement for leaders and pastors in smaller cities.

Internationally, Artie is Co-Founder of Think Liberia (USA), a partnering organization that helps meet physical, medical and spiritual needs of those in the West African nation of Liberia.

Artie is married to his life-partner, best friend & wife Georgie. They live in SC, and have three children.

The Comb Network - Winning BIG in the small

Network seeking to Plant diverse churches in smaller cities

The "Sticks" - Leading BIG in the small

Gatherings for Pastors and leaders from smaller cities

Think Liberia- Touching Humanity in need of Kindness

Touching those in need, in a war ravaged land
Artie Davis Posts
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    Un-met Expectations can KILL! You know the feeling… You were expecting with all of your heart... Read more

  • What You Measure Matters

    We are changing what we measure at Cornerstone. I think we should measure 1-Thing… Movement I... Read more

  • A Body At Rest Will Stay At Rest. A Body in Motion…

    A Body at Rest A law of physics, and a spiritual law. If a church (Body of Christ) is not moving,... Read more

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  • Bust The Dam

    Church-planting is so Vogue. Everybody is in it, on it, around it, staring in it or refining it.... Read more

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