Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas created the Gospel Coach Training and Certification system and has coached hundreds of pastors. Scott has served as President and Network Director of Acts 29 Network and as an elder at Mars Hill Church. Scott has an MA in Missional Leadership and has been married for 30 years to Jeannie, with whom he has two sons. He planted and replanted churches for 16 years as a lead pastor.

Scott has been a regular lecturer for Resurgence Training Center in Seattle and a conference speaker in the US as well as a consultant for both Western European church planting and Canadian church planting. Scott wrote Theological Clarity and Application (Zondervan, 2010) and has written blogs for Acts 29 Network, The Resurgence, Mars Hill Church and

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Some things Scott is passionate about…

Gospel Coach

Shepherding Leaders to Glorify God









Acts 29 NetworkActs 29 Network

Brothers on Mission Together Planting Gospel-Centered Churches



Mars Hill Church

Making Disciples – Planting Churches