Quotes from Craig Groeschel at GLS 2018

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Church Leadership

Quotes from Life.Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel at the Global Leadership Summit 2018.


  • Leadership is simply influence.
  • We must stop making excuses and we must make things right.
  • One of the biggest myths about leadership is you have to be in charge to lead.
  • Leadership is not about title.  Leadership is about trust.
  • We can make excuses or we can make a difference but we cannot make both. It’s time to step in and lead boldly and lead courageously
  • The world needs strong, consistent, bold, courageous, integrity-infused leaders. People are longing for leaders who will unite rather than divide.
  • The world is watching, aching, hoping that someone will stand up when so many others back down.
  • Level 5 Leaders have a powerful mixture of profound humility and furious resolve.
  • A humble leader can learn from anyone.
  • We ask for the wisdom when we make the difficult calls and we will apologize when we get it wrong.
More Nuggets:


  • There is a big difference between a leader who is popular and one who is respected.
  • You may be popular if you are respected.  But you will never be respected if you are only trying to be popular.
  • You always feel valued when you are under trusted leadership… You feel inspired… You feel empowered.  You know there is someone who trusts you.
  • We need a heart to care.  You will never be a leader others love to follow if you are not a leader who loves people.
  • These four words need to be part of every leader’s vocabulary. “I Notice.  You Matter”
  • Good employees don’t leave organizations.  Good employees leave bad managers.
  • I want to appreciate more than I think I should.  Then double it.
  • Never rob your team member of knowing you notice and you care.
  • Some leaders will make you think that THEY are important.  The best leaders make you think YOU are important.
Looking Inward:


  • You don’t have to be somebody else.
  • You don’t have to be smart.  You don’t have to perfect.
  • But you do have to be real. Because people want to follow someone real rather than someone who is always right.






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