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by | Jun 5, 2019 | Church Planting, Church Revitalization

From the editor:

I found this short post from Aubrey Malphurs in our bloggers vault and thought it was a great way to get a conversation going regarding church planting and church revitalization. I like his wording better. He calls this Church Re-Envisioning.

Lately, as a church planter, I have been pushing hard for church revitalization. If we’re to be involved in seeing the church have a more significant impact on North America, we must both plant and re-envision churches. Most of the emphasis has been on church planting.

However, most successful church plants are spawned by healthy, established churches! No healthy established churches, then few good church plants. We must push for both as they work together hand-in-glove.

Encouragement from the editor:

Lately, I’ve seen healthy churches, church planting networks, and denominations stretch out of their comfort zones and do some great things. They are honestly thinking outside the proverbial box and taking a proactive/pragmatic angle on getting things done.

Well done… but we need more of it. May we all be a part of what God is doing in North America and around the world.


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Aubrey Malphurs

Aubrey Malphurs is a visionary with a deep desire to influence a new generation of leaders through his classroom, pulpit, consulting, and writing ministries. He is involved in a number of ministries ranging from church planting and growth to leadership development. Read More About Aubrey Malphurs At His Author Page