Missional Practices – Acting Your Way Into A New Way of Behaving

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

I was talking with Alan Hirsch as we worked together on chapter six of our recent book, On The Verge. That chapter explains the necessary missional practices a church must adopt if they are going to mobiilze their people for mission. It was during that conversation Alan said,“80% of all people act their way into a new way of believing and behaving.”  I asked him to repeat it.  He said, “Yeah, 80% of all people act their way into a new way of believing and behaving.”

Since that time I have thought about that single statement no less than a thousand times.  Over and over again I’ve mulled what he said and wondered how do I get my people to act their way into a new way of believing and behaving regarding the mission of Jesus?

 After pondering this statement I’ve come to two conclusions:

  • First, I think Alan made up the 80% part. Did you know that 85% of all stats are made up on the spot? 🙂
  • Secondly, for a shift to happen that mobilizes all people for mission in a church there needs to be a culture so strong in that church that it insists you do mission long before you completely understand the mission or are sure you are even a part of the mission.  And the way that you establish a strong culture like that is through consistent simple missional practices that everyone believes and does.

I have some thougths that I wil share over the next week or so.  But here is my question for you?  What are some simple missional practices that would allow people to act their way into a new way of believing and behaving. 

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Dave Ferguson

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