Like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates share in the Times article link below, I too have found that the key to success is to narrow the focus  – to move from a shotgun to a lightsaber  (from Elmer J. Fudd to Darth Vader).

When we planted a church in Cincinnati we committed to just two focuses for the first two years:


#1. Outreach


#2 Community (mostly through small groups).


I have found that one of the most common causes of a church plant being stuck is it has taken on too many focuses, too early. It’s good to have a ministry to (fill in the blank), but even those good and seemingly essential ministries may take a bit to develop to become a focus without draining your workforce from other more foundational matters – and those are the ones that will allow you to grow with momentum on your side.

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Steve Sjogren

Steve Sjogren has been a part of successfully planting five churches across America and Europe and has successfully deployed eighteen churches. Additionally, Steve has coached dozens of church planters from a broad base of faith groups. His church planting book, Community of Kindness has encouraged and influenced thousands of church plants. He currently coaches planters at various stages in their development. You can reach Steve here. Read More About Steve Sjogren At His Author Page  

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