Invest, Invite, Inquire

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Church Leadership, Discipleship

Here is a challenge that you may want to share with your staff. Invest, Invite, Inquire

This week try to:




Try to invest in at least one person in your ministry to help them be a better person.




Ask one person (maybe more) to join you in your work.





Try to make one network connection with someone who does what you do, does it well, has been doing it longer, and is in a place where you could grow or get better at what you do by knowing them. I usually find these types of connections online. Find a like-minded church in the area and, if possible, meet these people for lunch occasionally, but this type of thing works if even by email or phone.

If you choose to accept this challenge I guarantee it to change your life dramatically for the good. Just kidding, but it might help. Does me.


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