In It to Win It – Be A Conquering Church

Is your church in it to win it? 

Every Church needs to be in their city to WIN their city. That has to be the heart cry of every pastor and leader in a church in order for that to happen. And that’s not an easy thing.

The pastor MUST see the city as “His” city, not my church, but my city!

The pastor and leaders must have passion for the city. They must weep over it, pray over it, know it, get involved in it and… LOVE it.

Never focus on satisfying the crying mouths in the “nest” on Sunday, if you do, you have lost the city.

Never in scripture do I see the people of God called to conquer a group of people, but rather whole cities, regions and nations.

Being in your city to win it, means a different mind set of doing church.

It calls into question and puts every action and reaction on the table of change. The battle lines of an on-going war change daily, weekly and monthly. However, most of us are doing the same things today we did years ago!

We must learn to put our ear to the ground and hear the cries of our city.

We must put our ear to the lips of God and ask “What next Father?” It taks a big mission shift to understand the reality that God has called us to reach cities and not just to satisfy people.

I don’t know about you, but my city has a calling on it.

God has called us to more than just serve, love, give, preach and teach. God has called us to Win a City for the Kingdom, that is our calling, that is what we will set our eyes on and hands to.

What about you? What say you?