How to make a difference in your city

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Church Revitalization, Servant Evangelism

Did you know Jesus has a plan for you in the city He has sent you to?  In Luke 8:26-38, a once demon-possessed man is ready to follow Jesus after a miraculous life change.  But Jesus commands him to, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.”  Go back to the city I have called you to.  Jesus knew they would recognize something miraculous had to have happened to make this once crazy man sane again.  Here we have the first missionary sent to his own zip code.  God has a plan for you in the city He has sent you to as well.

I believe if you want to make a difference in your city you must first love your city. 

Loving your city opens ears to hear the gospel, unlocks heart to be loved, and unleashes Kingdom influence. You can only “speak” love so much before you have to “show” it in order for others to believe it.  Opening up your heart, your arms, your finances, your resources, your building to others with a ridiculous love for the people in your city will catapult you into God’s purposes like nothing else.

Loving your city starts with knowing your city.  

You have to notice, understand, listen, and pay attention to the culture, the rhythms, the condition, the seasons, and the story of your city.  Being with the people will create a love for the people.  Simply researching your city only creates a data connection.  What you need is a heart connection with the people in your city.

Once you know your city, you act.

Do whatever you can to meet the needs of your city.  Know, act, and impact will follow.  You will be blown away by the access, opportunity, influence, and visibility that opens wider than you imagined possible.  The government will start to call you to solve problems in the city.  Road blocks and red tape will no longer be blockades to ministry.  You are advertising without even having to advertise because serving creates chatter.

  • Church planters create chatter.
  • Be necessary.
  • Be seen as a solution.

Is your church necessary to your city? 

Does your city need you?

I believe they do because they need Christ.

Let us be found faithful with the piece of earth God destined for us to serve on.  Love your city.

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Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo is the founding pastor of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - a church with over 8,200 people in 8 campuses. HPC has been named one of America’s Top 25 Most Innovative Churches - a reflection of his overwhelming drive to reach the unreachable and to engage with others to show God’s love to the poor and hurting – wherever they are. His book, SERVOLUTION, exposes his passion to see believers join together in a revolution of serving others – Jesus style. Dino and his wife DeLynn have three children.

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