Highlights from Exponential – Washington DC

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Church Planting Conferences

Here are highlights from our DC speakers this week:

  • “Build God’s Kingdom…not your’s” -Greg Nettle
  • Be known for your outrageous generosity –
  • Will you commit to investing in the next generation of leaders…in particular children? -Greg Nettle
  • New Church planting is no longer optional. It is essential -Greg Nettle
  • “Your role as a church planter and pastor is to raise up and send people out. You are to make heroes of other people.” -Janet McMahon
  • “Discipleship is not a class; it’s a lifestyle.” -Devin Turner
  • “If we want to multiply churches, start small. Think discipleship.” -Kenji Adachi
  • “God sees it in you so you can see it in someone else.” -Oneya Okuwobi
  • “God calls us to more. Don’t let fear and failure inform your decisions.” -Drew Hyun
  • See and release the gift of others. Cultivate and release gifts! –
  • My fruit grows on other peoples trees – Bob Buford
  • If you want many people to reproduce, ordinary people need to reproduce – Brett Andrews

If you missed the conference, you can pick up the digital pass at this link: https://exponential.org/resource-dap/dap-2018/

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