Call and Answer

Whenever I see my wife’s name come up on my cell phone I take the call.  She’s the only one that can get through no matter what I’m doing, who I’m with or who else I’m talking to.  It’s probably that way for you too.  Why?  Because our spouse is the most important relationship we’ve been given in time & space.  They matter, big time!

The concept of “call” has been imbedded in my psyche since I was a teenager and first encountered the idea in the Bible stories I heard and read.  God specifically “called” Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses; the list goes on.  That the God of Creation could also be so personally interested in me, in my life, and in my journey through it, was captivating and still is.  He would “call” me?!

Ruth Haley Barton, in her book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, makes this statement about call, “God calls us first and foremost to belong to him, but our secondary calling is to answer God’s personal address to us.”  I believe both ideas are captured in this statement; follow Jesus where He leads you.

Os Guinness, author of The Call, says, “Calling is the truth that God calls us to himself so decisively that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have is invested with a special devotion, dynamism, and direction lived out as a response to his summons and service.”

Allow me to apply this to church planting.  It has been my observation that God seems to call a specific person, or church planting couple/family, to a specific people in a specific place for a specific purpose.

Doubt and even argument can sometimes ensue but the heart is restless and knows something is up.  We can even argue with God, but as Barton goes on to say, “God always wins this argument, because every time we go deep inside and listen, we know that what God is calling us to do is ours to do and that the path before us is ours to walk.  We know it is the meaning of our life.  And so we say yes.  For better or for worse, we say yes to meaning.  We say yes to God.”

God is always calling.  Are we answering?  Am I, are you?