Church-planting is so Vogue. Everybody is in it, on it, around it, staring in it or refining it. But sometime you just need to bust stuff up, that’s real leadership…

“What leadership means is the courage it takes to talk about things that, in the past, perhaps we wouldn’t have, because I’m not right all the time.” ~ Howard D. Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Practices get stale after time. I think for the most part, those engaged in or leading networks or groups are doing a lot of the same things. That’s not necessarily bad; they are all good things for the most part.

I believe we need to “bust the dam” of ideas and practices and let some fresh approaches get down stream. There are a couple ideas I feel need to be practiced more…

1- Choosing the “Location” first.

I remember how Paul planted churches in Acts, he wanted to go one way, and the Spirit said no. In other words, God had a location in mind. God moved geographically during the NT church planting, and I believe that is God’s plan now.

God goes before us and begins to move in the hearts of those in the place He desires. Then He says, “who can we send, who will go for us.”

2- Using indigenous Leaders.

I believe indigenous leaders are one of the most under utilized assets available to the church. These are men who love their community, know the local culture and already have influence and networks.

They would have a great sense of loyalty to their own community. Another great benefit is they already have a job! A lot less expensive planting budget.

3- Reaching the whole community.

God calls us to reach the whole community we plant in, not just a targeted portion. I disagree with the notion, “you must know your target market, you can’t reach them all.”

The inside of our church should reflect the outside. That’s a powerful church that can change a community. The Multi-Ethnic church was designed by God in the first century and it’s been His design ever since!

You care to add to add to the list? What say you?



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Artie Davis

Artie Davis is the Founding Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. Cornerstone is an International multi-site & multi-ethnic church with locations in the US & Liberia, West Africa. Prior to launching Cornerstone, Artie was a successful entrepreneur and has a passion for coaching and multiplying leaders and writes about it almost exclusively on his blog, He is also the founder and Director of a church planting movement called the Its passion is to partner and plant “life-giving” & “ethnically reflective” churches in smaller cities & communities. Artie is also the Executive Director of, a national gathering movement for leaders and pastors in smaller cities. Internationally, Artie is Co-Founder of Think Liberia (USA), a partnering organization that helps meet physical, medical and spiritual needs of those in the West African nation of Liberia. Artie is married to his life-partner, best friend & wife Georgie. They live in SC, and have three children.