7 Quick Things That Will Kill Your Church Plant If You Aren’t Doing Them!

I’m on my 2nd plant [5th campus over-all, 2nd main plant]…and things have not changed a bit. Read well, and don’t just learn, do something about it! Information without implementation sounds like arrogant, prideful Pharisee-ism to me. Here are my current top 7:

1. The asses in your church. Get rid of them quickly and swiftly. Hire slow, fire quickly [volunteers too!] Biblical reference? Click Here.

2. Spiritual warfare is alive and well and should not be ignored! Jesus spent time ON THE MOUNTAIN and WITH THE CROWDS. You are no more spiritual for praying more or serving, planning or whatever more. Get both done!

3. Networking in your community and world along with fundraising is your 1st job, not just planning great services, missional communities, or forming launch teams.

4. You better be right with God, your family, and others in your life…this is not a place for the pissed-off staff person to change careers and “do it better” than my last Sr. Pastor. Good luck with that one, Skippy.

5. If you don’t have a coach, you are worse than a fool. [King Solomon/Proverbs, numerous places]. I coach several people in our coaching network and MY COACH saves my butt with regular occurrence! Thanks Dan!

6. If God asks you to do it…you better do it. Every single piece of it. Every last inch. People ask about our “successes”. It sounds simple and maybe over-spiritual…but we have LEARNED from God and other leaders and we then IMPLEMENT to the fullest extent what God says to US and THROUGH OTHERS to us.

7. God plants, you scatter seeds and water. After you have Planned, Practiced, Prepared and Prayed, you have to PLACE IT IN HIS HANDS! It’s not yours. This is the hard part, especially when we have the Jr. High locker room shower mentality of comparing stats.

Tough words? Yes. True Words? Yes. Real words? Yes. Lets get it done for the Kingdom. Those that are called…you are my tribe, my people, my warriors. Way to go…don’t give up!