Top 10 Church Planting Mistakes

Church Planting is tough and always carries a potential of risk and catastrophic failure. So what are the top ten mistakes made by leaders as they plant new churches? These are the mistakes I have seen repeated time after time with the church planters I have trained and coached.

1. Planting a church around your own likes and dislikes instead of contextualizing for the culture your in.

2. Failing to take spiritual warfare seriously.

3. Allowing complainers to shift your original vision.

4. Launching in haste – (Premature Launch)

5. Placing all effort on the launch with little thought of what to so once the church goes public.

6. Failure to focus on evangelism after launch.

7. Fear of talking about money until your pressed into a corner.

8. Placing people in leadership too quickly.

9. Failure to focus on your family properly.

10. Failure to plan for anything but the Sunday morning service.

If you have experienced these mistakes reply and share your story. If you have one to add, by all means share your story.

  • Yes times 10. Great post bro!

  • Billy Mitchell

    Those are great. My number one would be “Don’t have a coach.” A lot of those would be helped out greatly with a solid coach that helped the leader “act” forward rather than constantly “reacting”.

  • I am weeks away from our public launch. Planting in a marginalized, rough n tough area, I am grateful for a list like this! It’s getting stuck on the fridge so I will remember it!

    I think the biggest mistake is that too often, there is so much focus and work put into getting the church going, it’s like the “start” feels like the finish line. Almost like that’s what has been the focus for so long that when we finally get to the start, it’s a sense of relief or accomplishment. I’m reminded of my marriage prep, where our pastor told us that the wedding day is actually the beginning of the hard work and to not see it as an ending or even an event in itself.

  • Rocky La Marr

    Since we are now officially 12 weeks from launch, perhaps, this post is so vitally important. Thanks for the reminders and insight!

  • Been there done that! Mistakes numbers 3,4,7,8 and 9 thrown in for good measure.
    Planted a church in Mayfair Philadelphia..Let me correct myself ..the plant was rather wilted and unhealthy and passed away this past November. But praise His Holy name God is in charge and its not over until He says it is.

    For those who’s work did not go as planned (according to our very finite minds) God may have saved you from something far worse and is using the experience as a stepping stone of spiritual growth.

    For those who are about to launch, pray, pray and pray some more. Remember we live in the moment but God sees the big picture. Don’t strive, get anxious God will allow it to happen in HIS PERFECT timing! I know you love God and you are anxious to see lives transformed by Jesus, but remember we are not to be anxious for anything, especially when it comes to spiritual matters.

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  • Kayla Wood

    Thanks so much for this…launching in 51 days. This is a great condensed reminder!

  • Made ’em all…