2 Winter Kindness Outreach Ideas

COFFEE/HOT CHOCOLATE/CAPPUCCINO GIVEAWAY COFFEE, CAPPUCCINO, AND GOOD HOT CHOCOLATE are all the rage these days; so wherever the chance presents itself, bring it to people during cooler mothers. On a blustery day, you can touch hundreds of shoppers as they Continue Reading

It’s a Thanksgiving Life

Build a Memory of Thanksgiving Kindness When you think of the words, “kindness” and “Thanksgiving” an image of food might come to mind. Maybe your Thanksgiving motto is, “Show God’s love in a practical weigh!” Good food is a delight Continue Reading

Revitalizing Church Through an Outward Focus

Church revitalization is a very real and important topic to many today because statistics indicate that the majority of churches are plateaued or declining. So, since the majority of churches are not growing, if you’re a church leader, pastor, or Continue Reading

MULTIPLICATION – It Wont Happen Without…

Recently, someone asked me to boil down the concept of multiplication as far as I possibly can. So here goes. Looking at many of the churches that are multiplying I’ve noticed there are five things that I see in every Continue Reading