Funding New Church Plants

Funding a new church plant is probably the most challenging aspect of the task. We aren’t usually doing well on this front.  One option is to do a church plant that requires no or little money.  This would include beginning as a house group movement. Or, remaining as a house church movement.

Another option is to meet only once a month and in small groups the remainder of the month.  This will lower overhead by at least 1/2 the first period of growth.  This approach requires high touch and high organizational abilities.  Some are trying this but the jury’s out on its effectiveness.

Denominations don’t usually have the money these days to satisfactorily fund a plant.  Most of us aren’t good enough nor have track record enough to inspire the confidence from leaders to garner much support.  Many planters expect this support.  The record is clear: 0utside helping struggling churches, denominational funds are usually just enough to hurt you.

So, what are the options?  I know that depending on offering bags is a thing of the past for everyone.  I suggest a comprehensive plan of funding as a planter who doesn’t have the partnership of a local church.   Develop a three-year plan for funding that includes the following aspects:

  1. Work bi-vocationally.  Avoid retail work.
  2. Develop a base of 1/2 your personal support from relatives, friends or find the support of local churches.
  3. Develop the support of at least 30 people before you go public in a significant way.  Make the criteria for this early group funding for three years the start in insignificant ways.
  4. Develop a strategy that a denominational group will fund in a modicum level for three years.
  5. Apply for planting grants.
  6. Collect pledges from the church for the plant in six to one year increments.  Get it on paper.
  7. Break down your budget in such away that potential donors can pay for smaller increments of your start.  For example,  facilities, personnel in CM,  worship,  publicity, personnel support in pastoral areas,  curriculum.  You will find people have varied types of motivation.  It is easier to raise money for specific needs.

I really believe that determining which denominational family you join has to be based on a call to develop a movement that is good for the denomination. Thinking that any organized group can put you over the top isn’t going to work.  We live in an era where the economy is such that we need to put movements over the top with moderate investment to prepare for the next great opportunity than Gen Y will over us.

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  • ptr.alejandro c.torero

    hello,i m ptr.alejandro c torero a church planter of an independent mission in the philippines or more than 30 years i never expirience to be supported financially but we are or that.God bless you all

  • 5. Apply for planting grants

    Where would I find this information? What organizations?

  • Sylanda

    I am looking for a donor who can fund my Ministry

  • Sylanda

    I am looking for any individual donor, church or company who can fund my ministry in Dodoma Tanzania thank you!

  • pastor Merritt

    Just ordained and looking for a building and the cost of filling all the paperwork. Looking for donations for these in San Antonio Texas. Bout 3 grand

  • ojo segun michael

    I just finish writing a christian literature (book), I need someone who can help me fund the publication of the book or donate an amount——[email protected]

  • Salom Massenga

    I’m looking for the funds to support our ministry and three christian books I have just finished, located in Tanzania …………[email protected]

  • Boris Ndum

    Hope to plant six churches in Guinea Bissau in 2016 and need finacial donors to this kingdom project.

  • Dennis

    We want to buy a small church, we have being renting for years but don’t have the money for down payment. We are in need of financial donors, thank you. God bless you. [email protected]

  • Rev.Dr Sunil Theodore Benjamin

    Dear Brother/ Sister in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I do interdenominational ministry in the north part of India.I preach gospel,teach poor & semi orphan children in our small school,arrange gospel music program,arrange christian marriages, work among youth,Publish Hindi gospel bulletin SHANTI & we have prayer point where we pray for sick & needy people.we do all our activities under the banner of St.Paul’s Ministry.we work among non Christians.I am serving Lord since 1996.
    This year we have made plan to plant our first church,a school for poor & orphan children. We also need clean water to drink.we have more projects but we do not have funds.So We need kind & generous financial donors for these projects.
    I am sending my request mail to you all with prayer & burden.Hope you all will support me for these noble cause.I will be very highly obliged if you could consider my request & reply me soon.Thanks & Regards-Rev.Dr.Sunil Theodore Benjamin
    Email- [email protected]

  • CAP Pak

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    The Christian Association for Progress is an evangelical and social organization working in Pakistan to serve the disadvantaged communities since 2008. The CAP is running a school for disadvantaged children to give them education. Till now we have 325 students which are getting education free of cost. The building rent, monthly consumption bills, teachers salary as well the books and uniforms for students are being provided by the organization. We are standing in need for the financial support to keep carry on this project. Kindly let us know the ways through which we can get it and oblige. Thanks in anticipations.
    Best regards,
    Shaheryar William
    Christian Association for Progress
    Address: 11-Hafeez Park Street No.1 Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh
    Contact: 0092463511523, 00923475100002​​​

  • CAP Pak

    God Bless you