The Two Threads of Church Plant Leadership

The number one requirement for a successful church plant is a certain quality of leadership. This leadership, in my mind, has two primary threads: what I call “the mojo” to start a church—that is the gifts, temperament, and spiritual entrepreneurial Continue Reading

Top #churchplanting Tweets of the week

Send Network‏ @sendnetwork Church planting isn’t just a ministry for individual planters; it’s a ministry for the whole Church. Brad Brisco‏ @bradleybrisco Church planters can no longer simply think like pastors starting worship services; they have to think like missionaries engaging local Continue Reading

Unmet Expectations…

Unmet Expectations can KILL! You know the feeling… You were expecting with all of your heart for “this”, instead you got “That!” We all have expectations, we have them in marriage, kids, teammates, weather, restaurants, and friends..etc… The problem is when our expectations are Continue Reading