The Skill of Resilience

How easily do you bounce back from a disappointment? What is your reaction to change? Change is a fact of life. Biologists define a living organism as something that moves (among other factors). Regardless of the type of organism – Continue Reading

“Ready, aim. Ready, aim. Ready, aim…”

Sometimes leaders come across like they are a stuttering, dyslexic firing squad – continually using this as the motto above. That’s all okay as long as they are willing to admit they are stuck, and are willing to begin to work Continue Reading

Contextual Assessment: An Irrefutable Principle of Leadership

Joseph, Joshua, Gideon, and Nehemiah, four Godly leaders in the Old Testament, each faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Of course, seemingly insurmountable and impossible obstacles are rooted in our human perspective. Under the authority of God, each of these leaders rose Continue Reading