Either Distinct or Extinct

“A popular megachurch is starting a new location near us. That church is so big and has so many resources. How are we supposed to survive, much less grow? Sheesh! You can’t win for losing!” It’s a natural human response Continue Reading

2 Winter Kindness Outreach Ideas

COFFEE/HOT CHOCOLATE/CAPPUCCINO GIVEAWAY COFFEE, CAPPUCCINO, AND GOOD HOT CHOCOLATE are all the rage these days; so wherever the chance presents itself, bring it to people during cooler mothers. On a blustery day, you can touch hundreds of shoppers as they Continue Reading

It’s a Thanksgiving Life

Build a Memory of Thanksgiving Kindness When you think of the words, “kindness” and “Thanksgiving” an image of food might come to mind. Maybe your Thanksgiving motto is, “Show God’s love in a practical weigh!” Good food is a delight Continue Reading