The Greatest Obstacle To Living Generously

by Jim Sheppard

We spend a lot of time worrying about stuff we have no control over. The economy is a GREAT example. Too many waste too much time in worry and fear about the future and the future of their money. For those of us who are Christ-followers, there is no precedent for this way of living. […]

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Five Questions Every Church Planter Should Be Asked

by Bob Logan

When I was in the early stages of pondering the church plant I’m currently working in, my coach asked me a series of five simple questions that, over the course of months, helped me think through what my church plant would look like. I’ll share those with you here, along with how I processed them, […]

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3.5 Simple but Effective Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

by Steve Sjogren

Have you ever uttered any of these sentences? “I can’t do it!” “That’s way out of my league. I can’t possibly succeed at that.” “I tried that once upon a time, but it didn’t work.” “I always fail at this. Why even bother?” If those voices have rumbled around your head, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, […]

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In It to Win It – Be A Conquering Church

by Artie Davis

Is your church in it to win it? Every Church needs to be in their city to WIN their city. That has to be the heart cry of every pastor and leader in a church in order for that to happen. And that’s not an easy thing. The pastor MUST see the city as “His” city, […]

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The 5% Rule

by John Wasem

Dr. George Calver was the first appointed doctor for the United States Congress. He was hired in 1928 at a time when congressmen were dying at a rate of 20 per year. Over the 38 years that followed, Dr. Calver’s prescription of moderation worked and helped countless leaders. His 10 Commandments of Health are famous. […]

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What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Planting Churches…About Vision

by Steve Sjogren

“Vision is vital, but you can burn your people out on unfiltered vision.” In recent years much has been made of the importance of developing and communicating a strong vision. The Scriptures speak of and model this vital element as well. With all that has gone on in recent years sometimes we have swung too […]

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person bench

“Adding Value” Brings the Kingdom

by Martin Buehlmann

Did you ever think about church planting as a result of simply giving people the dignity and value God has given them by sending his Son Jesus to the world? I am increasingly convinced that loving people is one of the best ways to share the Gospel. I call it “adding value to people.” As […]

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