Facing The Odds In Church Planting

by Toni Spry

We live and minister in the Raleigh, NC area.  Our part of the state has not been affected by the economic downturn as much as other parts of the state.  Most of the new home building had ceased for a while, which has hindered growth, but things are starting to pick up now.  Some of […]

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Diversifying Assets

by Ralph Moore

Any investment advisor will counsel you to diversify assets. Holding all your marbles in one bag leaves you vulnerable if you should lose that bag. Centralizing your financial investments creates the same risk. We must diversify to protect whatever we possess. Yet in church we tend to gather rather than scatter. Americans, in particular, seem […]

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The Wholehearted Church Planter

by Linda Bergquist

Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is recalled as one of history’s most devoted followers of Jesus, and an exceptionally prolific church planter. He was kidnapped at age sixteen, and was forced into slave labor as a shepherd. Stripped of everything but his faith, he turned to God. Patrick wrote, “I used to pasture the flock […]

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The Afterthought That Could Ruin Your Church Plant

by Tiffany Crawford

Is your church plant running the risk of failing because this key piece to the puzzle has been overlooked?

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Jet Engine

On the Art & Spirit of Church Planter Assessments: A Reply to Linda Bergquist

by Charles Ridley

In her thoughtful blog of December 17, 2012, Linda Bergquist made the following observation: “Over the many years of practicing assessment as a way of relating to people, I have come to believe that the process is more art than science and more Spirit than strategy.” She then provided three cases—Jason, Scott, and Ron—to substantiate […]

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Why The Right Measurements Can Bring Richness in Church Planting Assessments

by John Wasem

Every church planter is acquainted with the measurements required in reports by the project sponsors, partners, donors, investors, and overseers.  These measurements need to be both quantitative and qualitative (typically and shortsightedly, the former trumps the later). What was the average weekly attendance for the month and YTD? How many small groups or missional communities […]

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Top Six Things Every Church Planter Must Know

by Steve Pike

1. How to pray. Starting a new church is a miracle, and only God can work miracles.  If you start a church without prayer, it won’t be a church, it will be a club. If you don’t know how to pray, learn how. Make prayer a central part of your planting strategy. Recruit others to […]

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